Sunday, January 24, 2010

Calling all Cyclocross Fanatics



It's a great blog about handmade bikes, The lightest bikes (sub 18 pounds, most are 13.5-16) and franken bikes (Hal!), the only requirement is that all the bikes have to be for cyclocross. There is alos a bit of race coverage and some great youtube clips.

It is defiently worth a read through as you will see a lot of bike Pr0n that will make you drool with envy.

FrameSanta Cruz Stigmata1208
Rear derailleur hangerSanta Cruz14
BB GuideNylon bolt cut0
Rear brake adjusterShimano4
Rear brake studsAlloy8
ForkAlpha Q CX20 (475 uncut w/ race)446
HeadsetCrank Bros Cobalt 1 1/867
Expander/NoodleCXW hanger28
Headset Cap+ BoltCarbon Ti4
Water Cage BoltsNylon1
SpacerCarbon 10mm4
Seatpost3T Doric LTD 31.6 (154 uncut)134
BrakesTRP Euro Carbon w/SS yellow219
ShiftersForce (remove guts 30gr)272
Shift ClampsForce30
Cables Shift and BrakeSRAM Flak Jacket140
Rear DerailleurForce178
CranksZipp 300330
Chainring boltsFSA triple Torx16
GuardsFSA carbon 4244
ChainringsSRAM 3931
BBCrank Bros Cyan Ti173
PedalsShimano XTR M970 (325gr) Ti spindle291
HandlebarsEaston SLX3199
Bar TapeDeda Cork50
StemRotor S1 10cm103
WheelsShimano DA 7801c (F-567gr) Enduro ceramic1325
TiresChallenge Grifo XS835
GlueMastik One15
Cassette+ Lock RingSRAM 11 - 26164


It can still lose another 90 grams by removing the front shifter guts (30 grams), going to an Arione CX Kium saddle (40 grams) and Front cable hanger (22 grams).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Explanation Needed.....

I spy with my little eye: Team Astana Specialized Tarmac SL3

I was watching some online videos today about the upcoming pro tour season and there was a bit about Team Astana and their new bikes. Im not very interested in Alberto Contador, but I am very interested in the Specialized Tarmac SL3.

So lets take a look at some blurry screen shots and see what they are running on the bikes.

As you can see here the bike is in a distinct Astana colour way, you can also see they are running Zipp wheels and Red Components.
Here you can see that there's a fizik saddle sitting atop a FSA K force light seatpost
looks like the cranks are some sort of SRM power meter cranks with red chain rings and a specialized crank.

I'm sorry sir, but your bike is garbage

Everyone who works in a bike store has come across the character that is convinced that his $200 Supercycle from Canadian Tire is just as good as a $3000 full suspension bike from a reputable bike manufacturer. "What does that bike have that mine does not?" They ask. "Mine has disc brakes, suspension front and rear and lots of gears. How is it any worse than what you have here on the showroom floor?" Sometimes you can actually reason with these people but this is not always the case. The advent of full suspension has not made these bikes better and in fact I believe we're at an all time low as far as the department store bikes go.
Anyway, my brother sent me this brilliant challenge from the UK that involves these boooootttom end bikes. Check it:

Get Ready to Rumble!


Its going to be fun this year

and the 2010 website is up! here

Thursday, January 14, 2010

bike nerd

pretty nerdy but I like it.
Managed to estimate the age of my Raleighs to be between 1963 and 1978. Not super accurate but I'm getting closer.

Hit and Run in Kelowna

There was a guy bicycling to work at 3am and got struck by a truck. The truck didn't stop. No other cars stopped, he had to walk a few blocks to a gas station for help. All of this is terrible, but what got my the most was the man's sister was advocating that he had to get a car after this. Which is silly. He should ride his bike if he wants. I see no reason to go spend money to buy a car/ drivers license just because.

either way watch the video:


Monday, January 11, 2010

First Roller Ride, Old Cycling Gear.

So last night Susan (girlfriend) was cruising some of the local online used classifieds when she stumbled upon a what looked to be a mint set (dunno if they would actually be called a set) of tacx rollers with Mag adaptor at a really good deal. Once in a lifetime opportunity, so I immediately called up the phone number listed and within a little while I was on my way over to check it out. When I arrive I was pleased to see that it was indeed in brand new condition. All the rollers were smooth and the bands had just recently been replaced! I bought it right then and there.

When I got it home I set it up in my hallway, donned an old bucket helmet, t-shirt and a sweet pair of early 90's Riders Cycles cycling shorts. Here are some pictures!

I started off to a very shaky start and had to hold the wall and use a chair next to me to hold on to, but as of an hour ago I can ride it with both hands on the bars without having to grab the wall! It still takes a lot of concentration to not fly off them, but I hope that will improve in time. Maybe I'll be able to read a book or watch tv and ride it at the same time eventually!!!

If you are interested in getting into touch with your inner equilibrium and burn off some training time, feel free to come into Riders and see us. We can get in brand news rollers in under a week. Plus rollers last longer than a trainer as well as making you a better rider through balancing. Shayne and myself can attest to how much fun rollers are!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On sci fi and cartoon strips

Avatar is a movie that takes place on the planet Pandora. Humans are mining for the mineral Unobtanium on Pandora, which is said to be the solution to the energy crisis the humans are facing. The main character then has to battle with following his orders or his conscience. The movie is well worth watching but what has that got to do with a bike blog such as this? It does not even have a single bicycle in it!
Well, as clever as the moniker Unobtanium may sound, it has already been in use by Rick Smith, the creator of Yehuda Moon, for quite some time now. Weather or not he came up with it before the Avatar guys is another matter all together, but he most certainly published it first. You see, Unobtainium is the Rival Cycles (The Kickstand's main competitor) name for the ultra light but unstable alloy used for the Kickstand's prototype racing bike. This bike was built from a material that the Shakers (The Kickstand's frame builders) named Arborium and is so light that the bike will float away if you don't tie it down, or sit on it.
This may cause some problems, and is the reason why the Rival Cycles guys got a hold of the prototype, copied the meterial through reverse engineering, and renamed it "Unobtainium." This will mean disaster for Rival cycles if karma has her say. But we have yet to find out...
Albeit Mr. Smith makes no mention of the energy component of the Arborium, he does let us in on the fact that what makes this Alloy so special is that the Shakers use a Meteorite to crate the alloy blend. So who's really to say that we're not talking about exactly the same material here? Who knows? But in any case Yehuda is a must read for every bike nerd.

Arborium prototype ridden by Joe
Unobtainium announced

Monday, January 4, 2010

Contador on Specialized!

Alberto Contador has joined specialized, with Astana as their bike sponser for the 2010 year. He seems to be riding the new SL3. It looks like a pretty amazing bike.

Hopefully We will be getting to see some of these in 2010 down at the shop, you can come down once we get some of the other 2010 specialized bikes and try them out.

Here's Contador speaking about the new SL3

For roadies looking for something to do during the winter.

If anybody is interested, the Pacific Cycling Center is holding a free seminar - Training with Power - on Saturday, January 9th from 9 - 11am at PacificSport, Commonwealth Place.

Conact Louise Hodgson Jones ( for more information.

Monday video

The Radio Shack Team bike getting decaled, painted and assembled.
Nerdy video for bike geeks...I love it.